roar against the roar


site specific performance, video (single channel, sound)

I-beam, iron tool, shore, city, body, sound

Roar against the Roar, Lore against the Shore is a reaction to the three main factors: the heave and swoosh of sea waves in the West, the urging shifts in dimensions of the city at the back and the conversations and stories of people in between. Confronting the virginity between the land and the sea, not only does the space immerse the invisible towers of living minds but is also a strong witness to the human encroachments, which continue to barge the doors of serenity. This site-specific performance (at Juhu Beach, Mumbai) aims to animate/illustrate the tangible and the intangible in and around the site, by scratching, marking and creating a screeching sound using an urban material against its own self. Here, an iron tool is used against an I-beam, the skeleton of the physical urban space / Home.