Jinal Sangoi is an interdisciplinary artist who creates links between art, life and pedagogy. Through her performative interventions, she creates temporary spaces for healing memories of violence, exploitation, and segregation, while also using art-teaching as a collaborative process to bring about alternative modes of activism and resistance. Deconstructing the female body as a subject of normative ethics, her work counters patriarchal hegemony in the postcolonial world. Jinal moves between culturally hybrid spaces, exploring the intersectionality between social inequality, gender construction and destruction of nature and motherhood.

Jinal received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 2018. She is currently an artist-in-residence at the REEF Residency, Los Angeles. She is a recipient of the Gender Bender Grant from Goethe Institut - Bangalore (2018), Tim Disney Prize for the Storytelling arts (2017) and Chiquita Landfill Found Art Scholarship (2017). She has developed and facilitated projects for children in schools and other organizations in India and US. Jinal is a member of the core team of Centre for Arts and Social Practice (India) since 2013, and recently started her own organization beej, which aims to promote arts education and integrated learning practice. She has exhibited in India, US, Austria, Romania, and Bangladesh.

Jinal lives and works in Los Angeles and Mumbai.