earth walking

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2016 – ongoing

(above) altar piece at CalArts

Earth Walking is an ongoing project that explores the aspects of embodied care and its relationship with the maintenance of earth—through performative walks in both the natural and manufactured spaces that allow people to be more observant and exchange their stories of interaction. This project uses public intervention, workshops and collaborative walks to initiate dialogues about human nature of care and its reciprocity to our planet. The walks are within the vicinity of the urban centers, such as schools, offices, markets, city parks and roads. During the walks, the walkers discuss their observations and share their knowledge about other coexisting organisms—birds, small animals, insects, weeds, plants and trees.

Earth Walking is a practice of slowing down our movements, empathize, and sensitize our relationship with the pain and pleasures within the structures of the modern societies. The interactions between the walkers and the their immediate environment are documented as photo, video, sound and writing. To have an ongoing display of these shared engagements, Earth Walking uses social media as the site of exhibition to continue conversations beyond the physical geographical spaces. This online group acts as a global platform to voice concern, exchange experiences, acknowledge life, and understand the importance of co-existence. Earth Walking continues to emphasize the relationship between inner and outer ecologies to foster a sustainable worldview to a larger audience, and also identify the problems of our societies—as our own, and collectively solve them to form a healthy living environment.