mowed bodies



installation, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria

mowed grass clippings, plastic pouches

36 x 120 inches

Those voices that can’t be heard. Those bodies that found no grave. They scatter around creating stains on life and memories. I find myself among these—unspoken, with memories echoing, and bodies aching. My work reflects the areas of destruction of seeds. By seeds, I mean anything that can give birth and continue to evolve naturally. 'Mowed bodies' is a critique of the mowing grass from the lens of socio-economic histories and political exploitation - colonizing and altering landscape to display power and people's well-being. This project was materialized in California, a region suffering from drought. While the industries continued to grow their businesses, the water supply to household plants and trees was cut. However, huge amount of water is still being used to water the grass, inject chemicals to force its survival in the desert region, harm the lives of insects and small animals, disrupt the local eco-system, maintenance of lawn and the display of power continues to exist as a mandatory 'maintained' visual of landscape today. Mowed Bodies, not only speaks of the political power play in the system of everyday living, but also the number of those smaller beings which are mutated. The whole work has consumed just a handful of grass clipping - spread out as individual grass bodies, and mimicking sampling and individualization of the modern science by keeping under controlled atmosphere.