2019, Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, CA

2018, Lime gallery, CalArts

artist hair, twigs, janeu (holy thread), kumkum (red pigment), white cotton saree, text on wall and in saree

The positioning of women in Indian societies have always been complex and contradictory. My engagement with the conceptual frameworks of Ecofeminism was to analyze the correlations between art and everyday life, which is the core of my auto-ethnographic performances.

To construct a counterforce to patriarchal norms of marriage production, I shaved my head and used the hair to make brushes. I tied small portions of hair to fallen twigs using janeu thread, extending the possibilities of bridging narratives from my mind and body to the world outside. While cutting my own hair, I sat on the white saree which had two of my dreams written that spoke of broken umbilical cords. With one of the brushes, I added text on the wall using kumkum, a red pigment worn by married women which read ‘Remnants: My dreams were dark with broken cups’. This work acted as a defense mechanism for a woman from being seen as a marriage material, challenging the concept of beauty through the constructed notion of gender.