2018lime gallery, CalArts

artist hair, twigs, janeu (holy thread), kumkum (red pigment), white cotton saree, text on wall and in saree, nails, video (single channel, sound, loop)

The positioning of women in Indian societies have always been complex and contradictory. My engagement with the conceptual frameworks of Ecofeminism was to analyze the correlations between art and everyday life, which is the core of my auto-ethnographic performances.

‘Remnants’ is a collage of narratives framing my conscious and subconscious experiences, from the perspective of a woman within the power dynamics of dominant cultures and patriarchal societies. By maintaining separation* between the audio of my transcribed dreams and the video, and playing them in their respective lengths and loops, I am questioning the formation of historical facts that build over time as myths and conventions that are expected to be followed. To construct a counterforce to patriarchal norms of marriage production, I shaved my head and used the hair to make brushes with janeu (white holy thread worn by Brahmin (Hindu) men across their torso as a symbol of maleness and simultaneously symbolize goddesses of power, wealth, and knowledge) and fallen twigs.  With one of the brushes, I added text on the wall using kumkum, a red pigment worn by married women. The leftover hair remains on the white saree with dreams written inside. Ultimately, it is the leftovers of me raising my voice to protect myself and my search for home in the self.

*(Audio and video is synced for the purpose of viewing on website)